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Your number one priority is to run your business. So let Start’s Business eBanking service provide you access to your money and your account details when you want them and from wherever you are at the moment. Click a button and get immediate up to date information. Manage your accounts the way you need to – quickly – so you can get back to what you do best, running your business.

Our basic Business Online Banking service, Business eBanking, allows you to view your balances and transaction history, make internal account to account transfers, and make internal loan payments

Enhancements to the basic Business eBanking product allows you to customize this service so that you add only the features that you need.

Step up from basic Business eBanking and add the bill pay function at a nominal monthly cost.

Step up one more level and add the ability to process ACH payments and execute online wire transfers.

Our business internet banking solution provides your business with high performance 24×7 online banking, corporate cash management and the flexibility of secure anytime/anywhere bill payment. Make real-time transaction inquiries, stop payments, ACH origination and wire transfers. Get loan balance payoff information, see check images, set your employees up with varying degrees of functionality – you control the level of security permissions and access to various transfer or payment templates. Other highlights include:

  • View account balances and transaction details
  • Transfer funds and pay bills
  • Create and save merchant information to pay regular vendors with one click
  • Pre-schedule bill payments or fund transfers for specific dates
  • Request stop payments for one or more checks
  • Account information can be downloaded into QuickBooks® (QBO format)

Come in and speak with any of our business banking specialists to learn about our program features, and see a hands-on demonstration.

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